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N.C. Garage Builders is proud to be the town of Stokesdale's Garage Builder of choice.  Adding home value, keeping with an honest approach and friendly customer service continue to rank us as a leader in custom built garages in Stokesdale and the greater triad area..  Customers respond to our friendly and hands-on construction process and enjoy a Licensed General Contractor who helps provide everything from meeting with the Town of Stokesdale for Developement Ordinance Compliance, or runnning to Greensboro for Permits.   We handle every phase of constructing your custom built garage.  

We believe retaining a Stokesdale client is founded on building trust from beginning to the end.  At the onset we begin with visiting your Stokesdale location.  Our NC Building Contractor will help advise on possible locations and the best plan of action.  This meeting helps us to understanding your exact needs and provide the most cost effective build design for your garage.  We maintain this kind of good communication throughout the building process and you can rest  knowing your builder is not just here to meet code requirements, but to exceed expectations.

Providing quotes for various family's and business's is part of contracting, but we recognize that building a garage in the Stokesdale community is an investment on your part.  Planning and budgeting sometimes takes time before moving ahead, so before construction  begins your Stokesdale Garage Builder is ready to provide you with your garage estimate even if your just in the planning stage.

Stokesdale Garage Builder

Stokesdale, NC garage building permit
Best garage contractor in Stokesdale, NC

Stokesdale, NC

Your Stokesdale Garage Builder 

Access to customer reviews and one of the best Garage Builders

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* Friendly Licensed Contractor

* Willing to meet at your Stokesdale location

* Available to discuss garage designing

* Free no obligation Custom Built Garage estimates

Stokesdale, NC Garage Builder
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