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FHA Title I Home Improvement Loan program provided by Admirals Bank

NC Garage Builders has partnered with Admirals Bank to provide our homeowners with the opportunity to quickly and affordably finance home their garage addition.  Financing requires no equity in your home, is FHA insured, no appraisals are necessary, interest is tax deductible to you the homeowner and there is no pre-payment penalty.  Admirals Bank has been offering home improvement financing for 30 years and they are the only national lender for Title-One Home Improvement Loans.

Or call:  Earth K. Wolo  |  Account Executive  |  Admirals Bank  |  1.800.572.7844 ext. 7351. 

Your Account Executive is available 24 hours a day/7 days a week to handle all aspects of your account

Enter our unique company code: IRONNAIL

Program Benefits

The FHA Title I Home Improvement Loan program offers many benefits not available through traditional financing options.

*Primary Residence and Vacation Homes
*Loans are approved within 12 hours
*Finance projects in just 3-4 days
*No equity required
*No appraisal necessary
*Obtain a secured loan up to $40,000 for a single family home 
*Flexible payment terms of up to 20 years with no prepayment penalties
*Interest may be tax-deductible

*100% up-front funding great place for you to tell a story and let your users know a little more about you.​

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