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Customers usually know what they are looking for in a garage, but how the construction process should take place is not always as clear.  A NC garage contractor that does not communicate their building process can leave a homeowner in the dark and apprehensive about what will take place in the coming weeks.  NC Garage Builders have built enough garages to create a turn-key building process that is both simple and seamless from start to finish.  We've learned that outlining the North Carolina Garage Building process for customers helps both the homeowner to know what and when to expect it. 

When you call, you'll be greeted by a helpful voice.  We'll take down some general notes about the job location and set up a convenient time for our Licensed NC General Contractor to: verify the build site, take measurements, foundation options, find out about lot restrictions, HOA requirements, discuss the size, plan style and answer all your questions.

Once we have a chance to go over your Garage specific details: we submit to you (email, fax or hand-deliver) a detailed proposal of the items discussed.  NC garage builders are always interested in providing the best price we can,  so every estimate is individually figured according to each job, current material/labor costs, lot type and location.  We make sure every proposal is clearly understood and provide additional optional items separate for budgeting purposes.

The first step for the garage construction is the submittal of the garage plans to the local building department.    At this time, the permit application will be filled out with I.N.B.C. serving as your licensed contractor.  Once the application is accepted, you can expect usually no more than 2 weeks to be approved.  This time is not wasted, the building materials are being ordered and sub-contractors scheduled for a seamless project.

Once you've had a chance to look over the proposal and found it to your liking, we represent the proposal in contract form.  The contract simply identifies the scope of work to be done, payment schedule and warranty information. After both parties have signed the agreement, the initial payment (33%-50% of overall  project) gets the project underway. 

We provide the garage plans you'll need for permitting.

Plans and Permits

Submit Plans for Bldg. Permit

Contract Signing

Detailing Items from Proposal

Our garage contracts are simple and easy to understand.
We offer many different types of garage foundations to choose from.

Foundation Work

Survey and Excavation 

Delivering your building materials for garage construction.
Most clients enjoy the garage being constructed as much as the garage itself.

Delivery & Framing

Framework Construction 

The City/County Building Dept. will notify us for the pick up of necessary permits.  We directly post the permit in a visible place for the building inspectors and proceed to excavate the site for footings, termite pre-treatment, masonry work and concrete slab.  Throughout the building process, your garage is being constructed in a manner that exceeds the building code requirements.

At this point, the foundation has been inspected, poured and all necessary masonry is in place.  Delivery of all framing materials are delivered on a moffit (an all-terrain forklift) and construction of your garage addition gets underway.  There will be a framing inspection during this time after the rough-in electrical has been ran and inspected.  We take care of calling and meeting with the inspectors.

We have plenty of possibilities for finishing your garage with siding.

Final Touches

Siding, Shingles, Doors

Our garages are made to order and personalized to your tastes.

Completion Day

Keys to your New Garage

Turn-Key garage building techniques.

Your dream is becoming a quick reality at this point.  The structure is being shingled and your siding/veneer choice is being completed, garage doors and windows have been installed.  If interior finishing is not required, then the electrical has been run to outlets, lights and garage door motor.  Light fixtures are in place and you're almost ready to make use of your new space.

Today is the day.  Clean-up of the job site has been done, seed and straw has been spread and options, like gutters, have really finished this project off beautifully.  At this point we hand over the keys and garage door remotes and do a walk-through of the new garage.  We hope by now you understand why you have chosen us and are ready to recommend NC Garage Builders to all of your neighbors for their custom built garage.

NC custom garage builder

Turn-Key Building Process

​Our Garage Construction

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